All We Need is a L'il Extra LOVE From You!

At the Li’l Pet Hospital, the emphasis is on nurturing and caring for one another, as well as making sure that everyone, regardless of size, color or personality feels loved...

About Us

Parent's Choice award-winning, Li'l Pet Hospital is a series of stories by child advocate and mega-family-hit-maker Kenn Viselman


In the vein of “Winnie the Pooh," “Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends" and Beatrice Potter,” comes a new classic…Nestled somewhere between Wellwood Forest and Shallow Stream is The Li’l Pet hospital, the most loving place on Earth… and the home of a family of fun and funny furry friends whom their dear pal, Dr. Foxx, affectionally calls the Li'l Pets.

It’s on the Li’l Pets humorous adventures that we learn important life lessons like… “a li’l bit of LOVE can make a world of difference,” “trying something new can be scary,” “failure is part of life,” and “the importance of teamwork.” 

 The Li’l Pet Hospital is the heartbeat of Healy Fields probably because Dr. Foxx is always there to fix a booboo, offer advice, a cup of warm milk or to just share a smile and a hug.The li’l pets model caring behaviors that form strong friendships and build strong communities.  The intent of Li’l Pet Hospital is to teach children how to bring out the best in themselves and those around them.   

The products are designed to bring joy and fill the world with love. At least 10% of the proceeds from every purchase of Li'l Pet Hospital products from will go to charity…


Now all we need is a li'l extra LOVE from you!